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Heng rong team ordinary people do extraordinary things
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Share share Ordinary people do extraordinary things
Willing to share experience and knowledge
With an open mind Listen to others opinion
After decisions before fully their opinions, stick to it
Team passion:
Optimistic upward
To the company full of love, work, and colleagues
Continuously self-motivation, self-improvement, seek breakthrough
Team good faith:
Bosom is magnanimous, to things not people
Match words with deeds, not affected by interest or pressure
Don't spread unconfirmed news
Do things professional:
Professional dedication, strives for perfection, do the right thing
Not till tomorrow what you can do today, do your own thing not to others
Continuous learning, constantly improve, constantly beyond
Team slogan:
Yourself to do more for a minute, let the other people to work more easily
Yourself a little more force, let us work more vitality

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