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Heng rong horological enterprise qualification certificate
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Hengrong clock full name is Dongguan Heng Rong Hardware Electronic Technology Co., Hengrong clock accessories have their own R & D team in 1999, small scale, after eight years of research and development Hengrong clock constantly expand the scale of production, products sell for domestic and foreign. In August 2007, officially registered Hengrong clock the national authorities set up in Dongguan Heng Rong Hardware Electronic Technology Co., why not called Hengrong clock? Because Hengrong clock accessories mainly primary such as: quartz wall clock, quartz movement,wall clock plastic cover, clock hands, quartz clock inserts, thermometer and a series of clock products.

In late December 2008, dongguan heng rong hardware electronic technology co., LTD., has passed ISO9001:2000 system authentication

Heng rong watch production HR1688 machine series products all passed the CE, ROHS,FCC authentication qualified out of the pin

HR1688 movement series inspection CE certificate

HR688 movement series experience ROHS certificate

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