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HR9611 Metal clock hands 903 Metal second hands

Metal clock hands


Metal clock hands

Model number: HR9611-1
Material: aluminum, 0.4mm thick
Color: black
Size from center hole to top end: 70.5mm hour hand, 101mm minute hand,
Total length: 75.5mm, minute hand 105mm

Second hand model: HR903
Material of second head: copper
Material of needle: aluminum
Second head color: copper color
Color of needle: red
Size from center hole to top end: 100mm
Tail size: 35mm

Aluminum clock hands/copper clock hands

Length :20 to 450 mm.

Can be customized according to customer demand, customers can also provide design, our company processing production!

More details about our clock hands are as follows:

            1. Size: over 1000 sizes can also be provided for customers

            2. Shape: over 500 shapes available for customers to design and select.

           3. Materials: aluminum, stainless steel, brass and plastic can also be used.

           4. Color: usually white, black, silver, gold and red, according to customer requirements.

           5. Place of origin: guangdong horological institute and clock hands

        The most important thing is that all our time, minutes and seconds are made in dongguan! If the customer needs to customize the color and trim to a specific size, the efficiency is high quality and fast delivery. Custom color clock pointer or existing design, our minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces. For more information, please contact our sales department or visit our homepage.

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