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review 2014 Heng Rong Clocks and watches record
Source: | Author:hrclock | Publish time: 2021-02-20 | 939 Views | Share:
2014 is about to end, HengRong Clocks and Watches in 2014 drew to the development process of the last period, to greet the arrival of 2015. This year the industry performance than last year, In addition, gifts, jewelry industry is more miserable, jewelry industry has not many small shops closed, the gift industry is also due to the transformation of the mode of consumption greatly reduced, so the Clocks and watches industry will also be affected.
A review of the 2014 HengRong clock record, HengRong clock Company clock industry as seen from the reduced order data, Mainly for the gifts, arts and crafts industry supply quartz hour, metal meter clock product compared to the same period last year decreased by 40%, gift industry a greater impact. Hengrong production of quartz clock movement are relatively good, Single clock movement products Into single more than 500, depends on the past 15 years the domestic and foreign new and old customers support and trust. DIY wall clock movement with clock needle clocks and watches accessories of form a complete set of products is also scored more than 200 orders, large torsion movement and rotation movement orders is ideal. In addition, quartz clock movement and other watches accessories export orders or sales exceeded the company this year's plan, in 2015 will increase the intensity of strong export business, to the foreign market attack.
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