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Rotating movement in clocks and watches are the store had purposes
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At present, the rotary movement is one of the most often see rotary products, just be a beautiful modelling wrap and. For example, we always go to the shop to see the clock or watch glasses glasses products, the watch sitting in the beautiful chair rotation, the rotation movement is a masterpiece. The rotation of the rotating movement function using surface is widely, such as mobile phone, digital store glasses store and watch and jewelry shop applications, where the use of rotary movement have what use? In fact, everyone can see, just don't much care and, The general store to goods placed on the rotating movement of rotating on the goods are new products, promotion, sales and other commodities, the purpose is to through the rotation function to attract customers eye, because the rotation is dynamic so will be noticed.

In addition, the rotating movement is divided into a variety of sizes and a variety of rotating function way, Have general three usually used Kind  (57.5 * 57.5 * 57.5 mm) and (57.5 * 57.5 * 57.5 mm) and no battery slot size (57.5 * 41.5 * 41.5 mm), no the battery slot rotation movement using an external power supply (battery or solar energy). Rotation rotating movement is divided into rotating speed and 360 degree or 360 degree rotating back and forth continuous rotation, And there is a vertical side peace open rotation, vertical side rotary movement relative rotation movement is slightly more expensive than flat open, But it can be used in multiple perspectives.

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