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Yiwu quartz clock industry, and gradually become the export base
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Yiwu market watches are of the older traditional products. After 23 years of Yiwu "Xing to build more markets," the course of development, the Yiwu city, watch industries and enterprises experienced from scratch, from small to large process, Yiwu has become an important component of industrial development.
It is, at present, Yiwu City, a total of watch production and processing, and more than 480 enterprises, involving products include craft clock, electronic watches, mechanical watches, alarm clock, wall clock, floor clock, quartz watch, quartz clock movements and accessories in 10 major categories , employing nearly 20000 people. In recent years, the industry has emerged a group of scale, brand, tax super-watch companies millions of dollars for the watch industry, foreign trade, Yiwu City, has laid a good foundation, and gradually established a clear advantage of market circulation.

Yiwu City, Director of the Office Watch Industry Association, said, with Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Fujian watch industry, compared to Yiwu's watch industry in electronic watches, wall clock, craft clock, small alarm clock, movement and strap on the sale of products such as mastered the absolute initiative. With the development and expansion in recent years, Yiwu market, and prosperity, Yiwu City, clocks and watches products, exports are increasing, and gradually developed into the largest domestic quartz products such as export base, and the products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other economic developed countries and regions.

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