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Heping County in Guangdong create a "Watch City"
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Heping County, Heyuan City, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, is located in the northeast by the Ming Dynasty, the famous thinker, educator, strategist Wang Yang-ming in 1518 played to the Ming Dynasty set up county government, dating back nearly 500 years. Heping County jurisdiction over 17 towns, 239 villages (neighborhood) committees, a total area of 2310 square kilometers, a population of nearly 500,000. Peace is a good mountain water, good good location and better livable city, but also a long history of the ancient city, but also a transfer of undertaking domestic and foreign industry, the emerging entrepreneurial city.
Create a "Watch City"
Heping County to create "Watch City", accelerate the construction of clocks and watches "five base": strong grasp investment, attract more businesses and park watch 41 watch companies Bao Tuan development, and strive to build clocks and watches manufacturing base; relying on logistics center in Fort Worth to watch of raw materials and products distribution company providing logistics platform to facilitate the distribution of raw materials base of watches and clocks and watches, wholesale base to speed up the formation of finished products; firmly grasp the Chinese Institute of Light Industry watch long-term cooperation opportunities and strive to build clocks and watches, technology, raw materials, R & D R & D base; to rely on peace and watch the school, in order to watch the development of industrial clusters provide scientific and technological innovation and human resources support, and strive to create watches for incubators.

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