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Watch other common small problems
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Watch is a fashion symbol of our people, and now there are a lot of young people began to like it and wear it, because the watch on the modern production technology and development process, is more than a more precise timing tool has the strong adornment effect. Some people say that people with the table but few see table, but I personally don't think so, accustomed to is a kind of dependence, good nonsense not say back to to share some of the common problems of the clock.

1. The observatory certification traveltime error of mechanical watches should be?
Answer: the error of + 6 seconds to 4 seconds.
2. The average error should be a mechanical watch?
Answer: slow pendulum table for the day of error of plus or minus 45 seconds; Put table for the day of error of plus or minus 0 seconds faster.
3. The error should be quartz watches?
A: quartz watch error of plus or minus 15 seconds.
4. Why is quartz watch is much more accurate than walking mechanical watch?
Answer: the precision of the quartz watch is a quartz oscillator as the carrier, the precision is fixed in the circuit, is not affected by the outside world. And mechanical watch is a balance wheel balance spring system for controller, will be influenced by the outside world, lead to unstable as well.

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