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HR1688S wall clock movement

wall clock movement


wall clock movement

Heng Rong clock specializing in the production of wall clock movement, HR1688 wall clock movement performance is good quality assurance To achieve the export countries and regions in Europe and America, Heng Rong watch manufacturers in the most cost-effective sources of supply, the company has a strong professional export merchandiser team, customs affairs experience in dealing with the good, and Ecan help the foreign customers to save considerable cost.
Wall clock movement Axial length 15mm
Movement model:HR1688S-15
Movement size:56*56*16.2mm
Movement net weight:26g
Packing quantity:500/box
Packing size:40*36*38.5CM
Wall clock movement The use of working time of 6 ~ 8 years The above,All through the CE, ROHS quality certification, movement rystal frequency: 32.768 KHz Average time keeping :±1sec/ day at 1.5V,24℃.
Wall clock movement Operating Voltage: 1.25V-1.7V
A battery is used:1 year
Wall clock movement Shaft length:7mm/8mm/9mm/11mm/13mm/15mm/17mm/20mm/23mm Factory can provide

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