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Heng rong wall clock movement quality stand out
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The Japanese refers to the use of wall clock movement

In August, constant honor wall clock movement is a Japanese specify used acrylic wall clock (HR1688) wall clock movement, as a manufacturer will know that the Japanese is not so good, he is the quality of product requirements is very high. Can see constant wall clock movement quality to a certain level, this is also a win honor for our Chinese watch industry, demand Japanese that you actually not difficult to us.

Heng rong wall clock movement quality of 22 years

Heng rong clock started in 1999, with the wall clock movement for many years rich experience and clock innovative technology, excellent quality by the national government of horological enterprise in guangdong province, Heng rong timepieces ever for hundreds of enterprises to provide design accessories, quartz clock movement, clock needle, hour, clocks and watches products such as header, and arts and crafts, gifts, decoration industry has a long-term cooperation business. Heng rong in a transparent price feedback and old customers, with extraneous products gain new customers.

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