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Industry and trade company specified sweep clock movement with heng rong clock
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Handicraft wall clock is still in doubt you use what kind of quartz clock movement, to reduce the handicraft production costs wall clock? Come back to the constant watch and see it, as a industry and trade co., LTD. Xiamen haicang area, they just choose the economical sweep clock movement - HR1688 sweep clock movement. How's that?Isn't it great? If you want this handicraft wall clock movement, then contact heng rong clocks customer service!

Environmental protection material quartz clock movement, USES is plastic (ABS) plastic material, than on the market with inferior to benzene not environmental protection plastic material made of quartz clock movement strong anti-aging live longer, than (JS) plastic production of quartz clock movement higher performance-price ratio. Therefore, HR1688 sweep clock movement is very suitable for high-end products, factories and enterprises in the bulk purchase of sweep clock movement.

Friend,If you are interested in or have questions about the above sweep clock movement. please click on the page to the right customer service contact us, or call:86- 0769-85532891, Hengrong Clocks and watches - your full intimate procurement consultant.

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