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The new 24 hours sweep clock movement
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The escalating quartz clock movement function

Heng rong horological manufacturer to research and development of 24 hours sweep clock movement new again, function meets the design requirements of the industry, purchasing needs.As early as 13 years core has been available 24 hours sweep clock movement a day from heng rong clock and watch, but the function of the clock movement in the shaft to nod a bit limited, development and production of the axial length only 9, 15 mm of the specifications of the products.This time, the axial length of 17 mm 24 hours sweep clock movement is at the request of customer production, constant honor do customers the best in the heart, only to the customer is not the same experience.

Heng rong unremitting efforts to make customers the best in my heart

With 22 years as one watches accessories manufacturer of sales experience, no matter you is what kind of customer heng rong clock with the most sincere attitude, preferential price, reliable quality and enthusiastic service to you.And the production ability and the cooperation of logistics company, responsible for force can make your cargo timely and safe delivery to your hand. Everything to try to become your reliable partner.

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