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Heng rong clock parts manufacturer they do what
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Dongguan heng rong horological manufacturer production clock fittings for 23 years, has been adhering to the "customer first", the service tenet of "quality first".Behavior, deep development and production of clocks and watches accessories, quartz clock movement, clock and watch machine core, hours of quartz wall clock, clock needle with superior products and services to provide customers with professional and friendly support, help enterprise customers on time to finish the work on time, reduce labor cost, increase productivity.

Heng rong clocks and watches, preferring not to reduce the clock and watch fittings for the benefit of 2 cents product quality, with poor quality watch machine core to filling quality to cheat customers.Not for small orders not dozen don't hang in the guest, and hear the guest say when I began to talk tone change or delay the reply to the guest's question. No more consultation for the guest order think boring and slowly, when the guest indirectly to ask price, more product service attitude is better than a at a time.

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