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Seen heng rong clock quartz clock movement samples, the order is not just a dream
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Good quality quartz clock movement can bear responsibility
Shenzhen in southern China area a electronic technology development co., LTD., need to purchase a large number of clocks and watches accessories quartz clock movement. As never before and heng rong watch cooperation, for we are manufacturer of quartz clock movement quality is not very understanding and trust, So hengrong clock free provide a two samples of quartz clock movement. Although they still pretty high to quality requirement, but we have great confidence to this cooperation. Because of constant hengrong believed: HR1688 quartz clock movement could undertake this task!

Customer requirements heng rong power
The Shenzhen customers choose the HR1688 8mm long axis quartz clock movement, however: customers want to be able to shorten a split shaft movement mm in size. According to the requirements of customers, heng rong clocks after discussion, agreed in the sample above the movement divided shortening a mm. HR1688 quartz clock movement material selected (New ABS) environmental protection plastic materials, parts design of internal gear group thickened and smooth movement, wear very durable, but also accurate travel time and long service life, energy saving and other advantages!!

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