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Clocks and watches accessories clock needle material art competition
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Dongguan heng rong horological manufacturer to show you a clock and watch fittings clock needle material art competition, watches accessories clock needle use which material and which process. And clock parts clock needle them 3 kind of material what are the advantages and disadvantages, the following will be announced one by one, as long as you have seen, can let you clear. So, we'll be all eagerness to see it!

The first: plastic clock needle
Plastic clock needle in general is the use of these two kinds of change (HIPS) benzene (ABS) and environmental plastic material, plastic clock needle technique is an injection, clock needle shape can be straight, flower. The benefits of it are not afraid of man-made bending deformation and moisture, especially suitable for young children learn to install, not hurting hands. Its weakness is open mold fee, clock needle limited length, etc.

The second: metal aluminium clock needle
Metal aluminium clock needle is most often seen on the market and the use of material clock needle, the thickness of the aluminium is respectively 0.3 and 1.0 mm, usually widely used 0.4 mm thickness aluminum clock needle, it is not recommended to choose 0.3 mm, especially the long needle. Its design is more, some advantages of low cost of open mould, diversified colors can fuel injection and screen printing, it is easier to match the effect you want. The downside is the packing and shipping needs careful packaging.

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