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Quartz clock movement using what battery good Heng Rong told you
Source: | Author:hrclock | Publish time: 2020-11-21 | 1407 Views | Share:
Quartz clock movement should use what kind of battery is good! Many of my friends are very concerned about this issue. Now Heng Rong watch company technology research officer with his 21 years of manufacturing experience to share with you of cassette mechanism of quartz clock quartz clock movement using what type of battery is suitable for the problem. Quartz clock movement is generally do not recommend using alkaline batteries, use carbon zinc manganese battery is better, is this why? Circulate on the market the most carbon batteries or zinc manganese battery, it and alkaline batteries are dry cell. But standard name should be zinc carbon batteries (middle carbon rod as the anode, the zinc is negative, every one opposite of alkaline batteries, middle is the cathode sheath is the anode). Alkaline battery internal resistance is low, so current will be slightly larger, but the comparison is suitable for the need to put the instruments of power big or long time, The actual total power consumption is about 5 - 7 times the carbon zinc batteries, Nominal voltage of carbon batteries and alkaline batteries are 1.5V, But the alkaline battery capacity of the same volume of larger, more can adapt to large current discharge.
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