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DIY wall clock export from heng rong horological manufacturer for set sail
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Select Heng Rong clock, DIY clock export no worries
HengRong clock manufacturers began early in 2008 the export business, Now has 12 years of rich experience in horologe products export. HengRong clock export service from the place an order to delivery, Will arrange professionals follow-up, And the timing of the return to the customer order process, Let the customer know the progress of orders without it worries. 2014year ,DIY wall clock, DIY wall clock parts accounted for 30% of total exports th, The overall service have good evaluation, To obtain higher customer back anti - Single.
DIY wall clocks to choose high quality accessories
This DIY wall clock choose HR1688 movement, HR04118 metal clock needle and a diameter of 85 mm plastic machine core box collocation is assembled. The HR1688 movement used 1 second level of quartz crystal, the average daily difference: + 1 seconds / day at1.5v, 24 DEG C, working life of 6 to 8 years, Through the CE and ROHS certification (to export to European and American countries eligible requirements). HR04118 metal clock needle use 0.4 mm aluminium material, after stamping, clock pinhole add copper set of strong durability. In addition, the diameter of 85 mm plastic machine core box using HIPS plastic material, Disposable injection molding, The thickness of the box body 2mm, strong bearing capacity, good durability.
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