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Clocks and watches movement Environmental protection technology Heng Rong clock watch more professional
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Said clock is forever of industry, but also from clock as precision machinery products, It to process, and the raw materials, has high standards on mechanical processing requirements, thus the manufacture of watches in the formation of the processing technology of a high technology content. the processing technology not only improve the value of the clock and watch brand products, At the same time also provides technical support for consumer electronics, for Such as mobile phones consumer electronics manufacturing provides reference and cooperation opportunities. Consumer electronics industry become a continuation of the watch industry development space.
At present, the low-carbon economy is walking toward us, can be seen as another industrial revolution in human history. All human beings in order to save himself, ecological damage, high energy industries are subject to restrictions. Small power consumption, material consumption for its clock and watch making industry, how to reduce the pollution of the plating, is facing a severe test. Both traditional industries and high-tech industries are under the indicators of low carbon, environmental protection, to find living space. "Heng rong clock watch" manufacturer committed to low carbon environmental protection Call for, Clocks and watches parts, quartz clock movement watches products using (ABS) manufacturing plastic environmental protection material, At the same time in the low carbon environmental protection, (ABS) plastic material has strong compressive capacity and long service life, And heng rong Clocks and watches HR1688 clock movement in ROHS certification and quality exports have been the praise of many customers.
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