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Buying quartz clock movement need shop around to look real materials
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Heng Rong clock movement have high performance-price ratio when shopping around.
Now ,more and more pseudo-factory wholesale quartz clock movement. A wide variety of quartz clock movement,  buying  quartz clock movement ,You will know high performance-price ratio of HR1688 quartz machine  after shopping around ,HR1688 clock mechanism is the main product of hengrong manufacturers.Hengrong manufactures with 21 years of production experience In clock field ,And hengrong clock mechanism with excellent quality and reasonable price ,please look Hengrong watches web site: www.clockmovements.cn  when you purchase , we most hate the behavior which  Kengpian customer.
HR1688 excellent quality quartz movement
Hengrong  model HR1688  quartz clock movement with plastic (new ABS) environmental protection material. thickened and smooth movement of gear wear and noise reduction features which design is very durable.  quartz clock movement using a one second grade quartz oscillator which can enables working accurancy of clock machine,  In addition ,with large coil electronic ,clock movement longer life can be up to 6-8 years, and low power consumption which make A battery can working for a years.
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