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2010 New Year, Yiwu Watch: better domestic export
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Christmas season, has a number of foreign investors have returned to their places of origin compared with sales in Yiwu, watch and clock industry has cooled before Christmas, but the domestic business has begun to heat up. In a survey of the first half of 2009, the Yiwu market in 16 major categories of goods, the watches glasses class, textiles, footwear or table at the front, while in the second half of October, the clocks fell back type glasses.
    "Recently, the export volume of watches and clocks are not many, especially in the month before and after Christmas, export very little." Person in charge of a watch line said, "In fact, this market can be considered a rule, and Christmas is a foreigner New Year's, they all go back to the New Year, and I estimate that within a short time, they will not come to replenishment. "boss with the market, a Guangzhou added:" The complement of the goods before Christmas, several months have been patched up , and foreigners who are used to advance the stocking, in September before the business was still good, 10,11 months when the clock's foreign trade began to faint, but this year's domestic sales have been nice. "

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