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Watch parts become increasingly sophisticated and meticulous carving
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Right into the bell, the carving or etching company names, trademarks, logo and the wording of the shell at the clock, table case back, clasp, strap and bezel are indispensable. To meet the different needs of the market and customers, manufacturers introduced different types of carving ways for customers to choose, for example, Stamping sculpture, etching and laser engraving.
     According to the manufacturers interviewed said, each carving method involves different steps and have their identity. The use of oil to steel or chrome steel engraved Seal Seal carving patterns play a very traditional carving methods. One manufacturer interviewed said the general's words in the Stamping is 0.9 mm high, and the most elaborate was only 0.5 mm. In addition, the handling of electric furnace, but also enhance the effect of Seal Keke play clarity and texture of the bump the words and patterns, so become increasingly popular.

Etching is another to carve and smooth the effect of more detailed methods of lettering. However, this approach involving chemical liquid, to a certain degree of stress is not very environmentally friendly. However, the respondents are either seriously to ensure that every one etching process, that is, drawings or real version, screen printing film, etching first oil is done right. Table etched case back only a few microns deep lines, while the bell rings will be etched deeper.
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