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Clocks and watches the doctor career is a kind of love in Clocks and watches
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watch repair not many people, Lin Yonghua Polaris clocks line is the one of the few watch professional maintenance shop. Baolai watch shop is located in the shenzhen market of form a complete set of clocks and watches, clocks and watches has also been for many years in shenzhen market only a professional repair shop, Because of his work is "sick" Clocks and watches"cure", so he trusted his acquaintances around customers and referred to as the "Clocks and watches" the doctor.

In order to make "Clocks and watches the doctor" implement the honor, Lin Yonghua began to think of some way to solve these difficulties, He took an active part in all kinds of exhibition, collecting relevant data, through professional books, And looking for the right Swiss small factory purchasing raw materials processing, the final problem solved, Customer brought to repair watches, basic can restore normal travel time. Such as some antique clock parts such as gear, shaft, wheel piece missing or suspend production, He'll grind themselves by the standard of the original accessories produce need spare parts, the thorough settlement of this a lot of clock and watch repair shop is difficult to solve the problem.

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