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Quartz watch not off soon after to change the battery?
Source: | Author:hrclock | Publish time: 2021-02-27 | 1811 Views | Share:
Quartz watch, in soon after the battery doesn't work, what's going on! Come and listen to other people's stories! People say such a thing: a watch shop, into some inferior battery. Customers a good watch, they want a high price. Should give customers a home furnishings of batteries, but they give customers watch inferior battery, also promised to can go for two years, there is a problem you can come. Bad watch battery certainly can't go to two years, less than half a year even doesn't work. Customers will certainly find them at this moment, this time they can say is watch machine core has a problem. May be dirty, need to wash the oil, or a circuit board is broken, need to change, and so on, to spend some money again, the two together to make a lot of. Even some unprofessional table division, Japan movement with Japanese origin of batteries, the Swiss movement is also used by Japanese battery. As a result, is somewhat awkward...
Do not deny that here after long time, some quartz watch does need to wash oil maintenance. Oil can't wash the reasonable maintenance advice is wrong. But sometimes, is obviously wrong.
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