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Heng rong horological manufacturer skeleton clock movements

Heng rong horological manufacturer skeleton clock movements

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China heng rong horological manufacturer direct wholesale skeleton clock movementst, The price is reasonable quality guarantee, Transparent clock movement A good product rate above 99%, the convenient installation simple greatly saves the cost of workers, Transparent clock movement use full copper metal building not rust do not fade, the structure design of high-grade and easy show the omni-directional visual effect, Become one of the clocks luxury Transparent clock movement. Transparent clock movement of quartz electronic series use a movement, a service life of 6 to 8 years, And through a number of new technology equipment testing qualified, transparent clock movement: semiconductor vibration frequency of 32.768 KHz daily average poor: at1.5 v + 1 second/day, 24 ℃.

Transparent clock movement models: HR868OT

Transparent clock movement size: 97 * 82 mm
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